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Landscaping Services

Design: Create a Garden That Inspires

In creating a garden the relationship between client and designer is all important. Garden design is a collaboration, blending practical aspects with innovation and inspiration. The design process takes careful planning as much as imagination. Whether you envision formal plantings, a tropical oasis or a free form rural landscape - we want to help you have that garden.

Renovation: Make the Most of Your Existing Landscape.

Much of the work we do is upgrading or renewing existing landscapes. Would you like a more important and beautiful entry to your home? A nicer view from your lanai? Do the key features of your landscape need restoring? Having the landscape you want may be easier than you imagine.

Installation: Do It Right the First Time.

If you already have plans drawn or are working with us to create them, you will need your plants and irrigation system installed professionally. Having your plants put in correctly so that they will thrive is a critical element, determining the ultimate success or failure of your landscape. We will make sure it’s done right.

Maintenance: Hire a Full Service Grounds Maintenance Crew.

Once you have the landscape of your dreams, it requires proper maintenance. Our crews are knowledgeable, dependable, hard working and honest. Fees are based upon the size of your property, frequency of service and the level of detail.

Please note - At this time maintenance contracts are only available for Kula properties.

Tree Care: Preserve a Valuable Asset.

Trees are the foundation of our landscapes. They provide shade, offer beauty and grow with us. A mature healthy tree adds much to the value of your property. With an ISA Certification we can solve problems, keep your trees healthy and plant new ones.

Consulting: Save Time and Money.

Maybe you only want good advice so you can do the work yourself. The right information can save your trees, lower your maintenance costs, rejuvenate your landscape and more. Our experience can help you avoid common landscape pitfalls.

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