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Customer Testimonials


     “We own a large home on 10 acres of windy oceanfront property in Kapalua. The previous landscape designer had planted numerous plants that could not survive the conditions there, causing ongoing waste of labor, water, and of course, enjoyment of the property.
     We hired Pam Gould, owner of Yards & Gardens, to reassess our landscaping plan for efficiency, ease, and beauty. She designed and installed the front of our entire guest wing, a large koi pond circle in the main entrance, as well as refurbishing our courtyard, outdoor shower areas, and entry driveway.
     Since we are often off-island, we left the entire project in her hands and Pam ran it both on schedule and for a very fair price. She also created a much better maintenance system, so that upon return to our house, we were greeted by a beautiful thriving garden, not disseminated plants.
     Pam was wonderful to work with. Her workers were polite. She made it easy and we recommend her services to anyone.”

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii


     “We employed [Maui] Yards and Gardens to design and implement a significant landscape plan change at our residence in Olinda, Maui in the fall of 2006. The plan included creating a new gravel driveway, extending and repairing sidewalks, installing a sprinkler system for the flower beds and lawn, reworking existing flower beds and plantings and creating new flower/foliage beds.
     Pam Gould was referred to us by two Maui residents who had done extensive landscaping on their own properties. Our time on-island was short and, once contacted; Pam made herself available to us almost immediately. We worked off an existing plan asking Pam to simplify it, giving the property a more natural and less formal feel, and to take into consideration our limited budget.
     We were impressed by Pam’s ability to grasp the “nature and ambience” of what we wanted, her ability to reuse existing plantings, and her knowledge of “what would work” in that environment. We were equally impressed by the team of subcontractors she assembled to do the driveway, sidewalk and sprinkler system. Pam and all of her subcontractors were exceedingly pleasant, knowledgeable, skilled and easy to work with.
     Though we were unable to be at the site while the landscaping was being done, Pam was in frequent communication with us by phone and email. The quality and expertise of the project were only observed by us once the landscaping had been completed. We were very pleased with the result. At that point minor “tweaks” were quickly attended to. In our absence after the completion of the project, Pam returned to the property several times to make sure the new plantings were doing well.
     The project was completed in a timely manner and at a cost we found to be reasonable and fair. We are pleased to recommend Pam Gould with Yards & Gardens for any of your landscaping needs.”

Olinda, Maui, Hawaii

Upper Kula

“It was such a thrill to drive up and see the landscaping when we arrived home. I had no idea it could all happen so fast! I am in love with the fluffy bamboo you put in to balance the taller bamboo.”

Upper Kula, Maui, Hawaii


     "I purchased a piece of property on West Maui with a small house and yard and great views and needed some help to dress up the property. Pam Gould was referred to me by other professionals in the landscape and gardening industry who highly recommended her services.
     Originally Pam designed and planted most of the landscaping around the house and yard. In addition Pam recommended bordering the front lawn with a rock wall and bordering one side of the property with Mexican bamboo. We were so impressed with the rock wall effect that we decided to put rock siding on the front of the house as well as screen in our patio and also frame it with a rock wall. Additionally, we built an original Hawaiian Hale using wood, rocks and palm leaves from our area as well as using the same wood and rocks theme to build our entryway.
     It's interesting how Pam's simple idea of framing the lawn with a small rock wall to maximize the ocean views has become the cornerstone of our design philosophy. In addition, it has become the model of indigenous design for our area which is steeped in Hawaiian culture and history. Pam not only brought these natural design concepts to the forefront, but she also laid the foundation for the resources that we use in continuing to develop the property. Her relationships with suppliers and service people have opened up opportunities that would have taken years for us to cultivate.
     Pam Gould is one of those rare gems that are getting harder and harder to find these days. She is extremely conscientious and is a very hard worker. She exemplifies the true meaning of the aloha spirit to everyone that she comes in contact with. I don't know of anyone who does not like Pam. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know her feel blessed and are honored to call her a friend."

Olowalu, Maui, Hawaii


     "We were very fortunate to have Pam help us as a consultant for our new property. She gave us good, intelligent landscaping solutions, suggested a plan we could implement, and saved us a lot of sweat, tears (and money) by her expertise. Thank you, Pam!"

Makawao, Maui, Hawaii

Lower Kula

     “We certainly welcome the opportunity to offer this letter of recommendation for the very fine landscaping services you have performed at our home in Kula, Hawaii.
     In February of 2005 the purchase of our Hawaiian home included $40,000 for the initial landscaping of our one acre lot performed by a subcontractor of the builder. Although this price included an irrigation system and various types of indigenous plants, trees and flowers, there was no plan governing their installation. Instead, we were left with disparate groupings of vegetation that would not have survived together for a year. Dissatisfied with both the appearance and lack of order or cohesion in our yards ‘landscaping’ we turned, somewhat desperately, to your company for guidance.
     At our first meeting you spent two hours walking the entire premises with us pointing out concerns, suggesting changes, noting both the positive and negative areas that existed in our present scheme of plantings. We were appreciative and relieved to learn of your knowledge and experience in dealing with the problems we faced in sorting out the vegetative mess left behind by our previous landscaper. You had specific ideas of how certain plants needed to be removed, relocated or regrouped and how specific areas needed more or less water and fertilization or just breathing space to allow for maximum expression of the natural beauty of the given species of plant life. It was also pleasant to lean that you were open minded in allowing your ideas of planting and flower selection sufficient room to mix with those of our own.
     After your initial assessment of the makeover necessary to transform our yard into the type of living environment that we always envisioned, you promptly presented a detailed list of all products, services and costs needed to accomplish the stated goal. We liked that open and honest approach in doing business and, best of all, the price didn’t change after the work was done.
     What you accomplished in our yard was nothing short of amazing. We are now surrounded by artistic landscaping that would only be possible in Hawaii with the help of an expert who had both the knowledge and vision to discover all the beauty that our yard had to offer.”

Lower Kula, Maui, Hawaii

Kula 200

     “Every morning we walk our property and feed the birds. Our beautiful landscape gives us peace and serenity. Pam and her crew did a great job for a great price. It is easy to care for and gets better and better. We are very happy."

Kula 200, Maui, Hawaii

Lahaina Seaside

     “We could hardly wait to return to Maui to see the finished project. When we arrived everything - the flagstone and lawn and pots and beds – looked great! You have been a pleasure to work with."

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii


     “You and your crew did a wonderful job and have been great to work with. You've gone way above and beyond and the Board of Directors are all very grateful for your hard work and efforts. Everything is looking great! Thank you so much."

PO, Manager
Honokawai, Maui, Hawaii


     “The courtyard feels lush and peaceful. Thank you for your vision and hard work. It was such a pleasure working with you. We are very happy with the results. We love the colors and textures and especially the grass for our dogs! The stepping stone is perfect.You did a good job. Thanks to for making this a reality."

Wailea, Maui, Hawaii