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Landscape Tips

Landscape Planning

  • First consider how you will use your land. Take your time here. Don’t forget to think about how you view your landscape from inside the house.
  • Remember your landscape is about creating a lot of ‘rooms’ or different spaces to enjoy. A place to relax with a book. An open expanse to play and wander. A shady spot to sit and eat and another for entertaining. Try to imagine how you will live in your landscape.
  • Create a sense of mystery. What is around the bend? What is behind that hedge? Beyond that gate? It becomes an invitation to explore more of the garden.

Plant Considerations

  • Remember that a wall of foliage can be as stunning as flowers. Go for variety in leaf color (dark green/grey/chartreuse/maroon), leaf shape and texture (fine/large/spiky/droopy).
  • Get the right plant for the site and it will be less work. Consider planting zones, elevation, sun exposure, water requirements, wind, mature size, leaf/flower debris and fragrance. Availability is another big factor in on Maui.
  • Repeat certain plants/colors throughout the property. Often the mistake is made of having a back yard and front yard look so different that they seem to belong to separate properties. Make sure there is a sense of continuity and unity to your design by having a theme that flows throughout.
  • Plant trees as soon as possible. They take the longest to mature and have the greatest impact.

Saving Time and Energy

  • Don’t skimp on the compost when preparing your soil. Good soil makes for healthy plants that resist bugs and disease, need less fertilizer and better utilize water.
  • Mulching is the next best thing you can do for your garden. It reduces weeds, lowers water requirements, cools roots and gives a finished appearance to beds.
  • Use drip irrigation. The plants like it and so will your pocket book when the water bill arrives!
Contact us us with any questions about planning or caring for your landscape.